Reasons and Solutions for Slow Heating of Injection Mold Temperature Controller

About the slow heating of injection mold temperature controller

In fact, any equipment has its own set of methods on maintenance and repair, such as injection mold temperature controller.

At the beginning, it solved the temperature control problem of the injection molding. It is a good auxiliary mechanical temperature control equipment. It heats the mold to working temperature. Also, it keeps the mold temperature constant at the working temperature to minimize the injection molding cycle time. Thereby ensuring stable and high-quality injection molded parts.

Later, with the development of the machinery industry, the application became more and more wide. It can be used in high temperature setting, sheet heating, rubber, drying, printing and dyeing, chemical industry, plywood production, waterproof coil production, asphalt heating, non-woven hot rolling mill, FRP hot presses, molds and other heat industries.

Slow Heating of Injection Mold Temperature Controller - Tekwell Machinery

But everyone has overlooked one point. The mold temperature controller is also a mechanical device and needs to be cleaned. After using the temperature control equipment for a period of time, it’s found that the temperature rise is not as fast as before. Actually, you have used the wrong maintenance or selection method. Many customers will complain that the mold temperature control device heats up slowly. What are the reasons? What should we do if the injection mold temperature machine heats up slowly?

The slow heating speed does not meet the requirements of the production process and will reduce the production efficiency and product quality. Why does the temperature rise speed of the mold temperature controller decrease? In the case that the mold temperature machine is not damaged, the reasons for the slow heating rate are as follows:

① The problem of the heating tube

The heating tube of the injection mold temperature controller is composed of three or more groups. Therefore, if one or more groups of the heating tube are burned out, it will cause the power of the heating tube to decrease, leading to the slower heating. At this time, you can solve the problem by replacing the heating tube only.

② The capacity of the mold temperature controller doesn’t match the injection molding machine.

For example, an injection molding machine with a clamping force of 800 tons is heated with a mold temperature controller of 6 kilo-watts. Obviously the capacity of injection mold temperature controller didn’t match so big injection molding machine. To solve this problem, we can only buy a high-power or use multiple injection mold temperature controllers.

③ The injection mold temperature machine is not regularly maintained.

Due to the long use of the machine, the pipeline is siltated, which affects the flow rate and heating performance.

As we all know, there are 2 types of mold temperature controller: water and oil. And the temperature control can reach plus or minus 0.1 degrees. Because the water-type mold temperature controller is affected by the water quality. The scale adheres to the outer wall of the heating pipe and the inner diameter of the water pipe for a long time. And that will affect the heating efficiency. The injection oil temperature controller will coke due to the high temperature heating of the oil. Also, it will cause poor heat if it is not cleaned for a long time.

The reason why the heating speed of the injection mold temperature machine slows down is relatively rare. After the heating tube is broken, the original parts will be replaced. The second reason is very easy to find when you buy the mold temperature controller. The third reason generally appears after the injection mold temperature machine has been used for a period of time.

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