UPVC Pipe Fitting Manufacturing

PVC Injection Molding Machine

For the PVC molding machine, normally we are talking about UPVC pipe fitting injection molding machine.

There are 2 kinds of PVC: soft-PVC and hard-PVC.

The hard PVC is for the pipe. While the UPVC Pipe is made by the extruding process and its fitting is through injection molding process.

UPVC Pipe Fitting
UPVC Pipe Fitting

Raw Material: UPVC

The melted UPVC has high viscosity and poor fluidity. And the state of raw material will be resin granule or powder.

Injection Molding Success Request:

The injection molding for the pipe fitting, it requests core pullers, 1-3 sets even more to work with the mold.

UPVC mold with core puller
UPVC mold with core puller
UPVC pipe fitting mold with core puller
UPVC pipe fitting mold with core puller

PVC Pipe Fitting Molds

UPVC Pipe Fitting Moulds-1
UPVC Pipe Fitting Moulds-2
UPVC Pipe Fitting Moulds-3

Measuring the melting temperature accurately.

Viscosity melted plastic requests more power for the screw shear.  

Customized machine will be applied normally:

– Extend the housing to cover the mold core puller, so that the maximum platen may be used fully.

The molds with core pullers are in different directions.

For installation of these molds, some factories keep the machine safe door open. But this has seriously violated the basic safety operating principles of the machine.

On the other hand, using the machine without  extending  the housing,  one  or  two  grade of machine upper is needed  just  for  the  safe  door  close  well,  like  the  following  one:

UPVC mold with normal machine

So the extend housing is the best way to solve this issue. And the big frame of the machine housing will increase the container loading, in some case the housing must be uninstall to fix the container size and re-install in the plastic factory.

– Install the fan to measure temperature accurately

This is a piece of cake for the injection molding machine manufacturer.

– For the UPVC’s character, the screw should be with electroplate treatment.

With the electroplate treatment, the injection unit will have better performance for the UPVC material.

– Increase the screw motor capacity to drive the viscosity melted plastic.

The screw motor may be upgraded one level or even two levels to increase the output.

The hydraulic motor which is applied as the screw motor normally. The bigger hydraulic motor with higher cost. Nowadays, more and more servo motor is applied as the screw motor.

For more information, please check the section in the following page: CUSTOMIZED MACHINE ‘s ELECTRICAL PLASTICIZING OF INJECTION UNIT

-Other machine features

# Some molds have the unscrew function, so the hydraulic motor to drive is needed. The point is this device is installed per mold or instaledl on the top of the machine platen.

These two options are as followings:

UPVC pipe fitting mold with unscrew device
UPVC pipe fitting mold with unscrew device
UPVC pipe fitting mold with unscrew device 2
UPVC pipe fitting mold with unscrew device 2

As for the question that how the motor is connected to the machine hydraulic system, you should consult with the machine manufacturer.

# In some UPVC pipe fitting production factory, some raw material of the UPVC is powder. In this case, the screw should be with special design.

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