Full-auto Cable tie Packing Machine


In the past years, nylon cable tie industry was under heavy pressure and facing fierce competition. Labor cost keeps rising, young people do not want to work at factory and many cable tie manufacturers find it hard to employ sufficient workers. At the same time, the main raw material for zip tie, PA 66, price was at a high level….

In order to serve customers better, the R&D team developed full-automatic packing machine for nylon cable ties. This equipment can cut runner, count, inject water and seal automatically, which minimums labor force and is a great improvement for intelligent plant and automation production.

Main Models of Automatic Cable Tie Packing Machine

1. Horizontal bag

Applicable cable tie length:
80mm to 200mm
Horizontal bag

2. Vertical bag

Applicable cable tie length:
100mm to 300mm, 300mm to 500mm
Vertical bag

Working Process

Step 1. Robot pick one shot of cable tie from mould, and put it on the rotary table


Sensors on the rotary table will proceed only when cable tie detected.

Rotary table can be cancled if the robot arm is top type. And the sensors will be installed on the part of primary positioning.

Can Add I/O Signal to realize the communication between packing machine and robot arm.

Rotary table

Step 2: Rotary table Delivers Cable Ties To Primary Positioning Part

Do the first time of positioning for runner

Primary Positioning Part

Step 3: Accurate Positioning Of Runner, Cutting, Counting

Accurate positioning the dimension of runner, cutting cable ties pc by pc.

Cutting tool: dull knife(long lifetime and stable cutting)

Counting: count pc by pc(detected by sensors)

Tips: Runner dropped from the cutting position. Please put a box under it to take the runner.

Cutting and Counting Mechanism

Step 4: Gather Cable Ties And Deliver To Stock Bins

After cutting and counting, the tool of collection gathers the cable ties and put them inside of stock bins.


Gather Cable Ties And Deliver To Stock Bins

Step 5: Pick Cable Ties From Stock Bins And Put Them Into Packing Bag

Pick cable ties from stock bins, deliver and put them into packing bag, and then tidy up.

Packing Station:

  • Horizontal bag: 2
  • Vertical bag: 1
Into Packing Bag

Step 6: Inject Water

Inject water after the quantity of cable ties reaches to the setting packing quantity. 

Two options for injecting water:

inject water first, then put cable ties inside the packing bag

Put cable ties first, then inject water

Water injected: workable to set the weight of water, min is 1ml.

Time of water injection: can set on the panel of controller

Step 7: Seal

Seal after water injected. Can pump out the air from bag, but not vacuum 100%.

New packing bag arrived at the packing area when sealing


Step 8: Take New Packing Bag

After sealing, the next packing bag will be the position of packing. And the bag taking device will take new packing bag for ready.

bag taking device

Optional Features

1. Visual Inspection

Can inspect short shot, missing teeth, flash

Two options

If defective cable tie detected, take out the whole shot

Cut the defective cable ties if the amount of defective cable ties is not more than 3 pcs. The whole shot will be take out if defective cable ties are over 3 pcs. Cutting tool: rasp(file) Cutting and picking time: 2s per pc.

2. I/O Signal

Add I/O signals. To realize the communication between packing machine, robot arm, and injection machine

3. Designated the brands and models of components

Inform the brands and models, will check and adjust price based on purchasing cost

What is counting accuracy?

The counting is accurate. There may be the error of 1 or 2 pcs if there is the brushed plastic.

What is the tooling of visual inspection?

1. Industrial Camera, MINDVISION brand .

What length of the short shot cable tie can be detected by the visual inspection?

Can set the length as per customer’s standard.

1. At this period, we don’t have quiet accurate data. The reasons are below.

1) Most of the customers ordered standard packing machine, not include visual inspection.

2) Short shot is easy to be solved when manufacturing cable ties and they aim to reduce labor cost and don’t have high standard for the qualified rate.

3) Visual inspection is high price. Standard packing machine can meet their requirement.

2. Different raw materials, the shrinkage rates are different. And the shrinkage rate affected by the temperature, moisture of air.

3. The packing machine is going to alarm and stop running frequently if set strict standard like 1mm.

Is it possible to improve the precision by using the world famous brand camera? Such as basler brand

The key point that affects accuracy is the shrinkage of plastics. The cable ties will shrink after injection moulded, and the shrinkage rates are different.

In addition, the cable ties are pushed forward and shot by camera at the same time, which may affect the inspection precision.

Suggestion: Solve SHORT SHOT& FLASH from injection machine, mould and parameter setting.

Are there signals between packing machine, robot and injection machine?

No signales for standard packing machine. We can add I/O signals as per customer’s requirement.

What is the dimension of rotary table?

Length of single side is not longer than 500mm, means cable tie length+ runner length. Workable for the cable ties with the length no more than 350mm.

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