Cable tie Packing Machine

After being injected from the injection molding machine, the cable tie cannot be used directly. This is different from other plastic products. It needs to absorb water to come back to restore the molecular structure.

Structure of Cable Tie Packing Machine

Why cable tie need to absorb water?

PA66/PA6 is the raw material for cable tie, which determine this request.

PA66/PA6, absorb water when exposed to the air. During the injection molding, inside the injection barrel, the melt temperature is about 260℃, at which the water is already evaporated.

Without water the cable tie is very fragile and easy to break. Only when the PA66/PA6 have absorbed enough water, they can restore their characteristics  and then cable tie get its corresponding tension.

How to response? - Cable Tie Packing Machine

1.By manual

At the beginning, the cable tie factory will steam the cable ties right after they come out from the mold. Normally all the steps by manual.

2. One station for all.

With the development, the packing machine is introduced into the market. That is drived by electrical and high pressure air, realizing one-step vacuum, seal and water injection


After the cable tie come out from the mold, workers tear off the cable ties from the runner, count the right number for each package and put them into the poly bags. Then the packages will be set into the machine. Under the worker’s operation, the machine will vacuum the air inside the poly bags, inject some water and seal the poly bags

In some days, the cable ties will absorb the water and get back their tensile force while they are transported to the retail shop for sell.

3. Full automatic cable tie packing machine

These days the market has put forward higher requests for cable tie packing — full automatic.

Through the hard research, we finally set up the basic structure of the machine and are continually optimizing in our practice with our cooperation partners.

This is a difficult process. Just to figure out how to cut off the cable ties from the runner, we had tried 3 solutions. The position of the cut-knife is fixed. However, the cable ties will get deformed because of different weather. For example, in north China where has a distinctive temperature difference between day and night, the corresponding shrinkage of the cable ties is different. Then, to ensure the continuous 24-hour production, the packing machine must be developed to avoid the influence from the above situation.

4. The difficulty of application of full automatic cable tie packing machine.

4.1 The application basis of the Full-automatic Cable Tie Packing Machine is the stable production. That is related to the machine and raw material. For more information about the cable tie manufacturing, please check the post following:

Cable tie manufacture.

Otherwise, the realization of the whole unmanned production line will be very hard.

4.2 A strict request for the operation team’s technology. The automatic packing machine is connected with the cable tie injection molding machine, which keep sending out product under a 12 second per cycle. One small issue will cause the ease for the full production line, both the injection molding and the paking. So the operation team should be very professional.

4.3 Huge demand for just one size cable tie in your market.

Frequent replacement of molds will also make the back-end automatic packaging machine to be re-adjusted, which will consume additional time. So it means one mold for a long time will make the cost low.

Thus, in the application of automatic packaging machines, it is necessary to carefully consider the needs of the market and one’s own technical strength.

We have provided the solutions for the manufacturers who have these thoughts.

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