Cable tie Packing Machine

As an experienced and professional nylon cable tie injection molding machine manufacturer, Tekwell Machinery supplies a full production line for nylon cable ties, including cable tie injection machines, cable tie moulds, auxiliary machines, robot arms and packing machines.

One Stop Solution of nylon cable tie production --- Automatic Packing Machine

Structure of Cable Tie Packing Machine

Now, most of nylon cable tie factories are using semi-auto packing machines, which can realize vacuuming, water injection and sealing. Adopting semi-auto packing machine can increase production capacity and be more energy efficient. As you can see in this video, one lady can take care of the production of one injection molding machine. One worker can do cable tie runner cutting, quality checking, counting, and packing.

In the past years, nylon cable tie industry was under heavy pressure and facing fierce competition. Labor cost keeps rising and lots of young people do not want to work at factory. Therefore, many cable tie manufacturers find it hard to employ sufficient workers. At the same time, the price of the main raw material for zip ties, PA 66, was at a high level….

In order to serve our customers better, our R&D team has developed full-automatic packing machine for nylon cable ties. This equipment can cut runner, count, inject water and seal automatically, which minimums labor force and is a great improvement for intelligent plant and automation production.

As there’re different requirements for nylon cable tie packing and some customers prefer smaller investment, we also have lauched another type of full-auto cable tie packing machine. This cable tie packing machine is able to cut runner, count and collet cable ties automatically.

Nylon Cable Tie Production Line

mold for cable tie - Tekwell Machinery

Cable Tie Mold

Cable Tie Mold Cable tie is produced by injection molding, for which the mold is one of the main significant factors. Let us see the

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