Tekwell Machinery

We make machines beginning from iron blocks.

complete series of injection molding machine

From 90 to 1000 ton by variable displacement pump or servo motor

OEM manufacturer for international famous brand

OEM service for one Korean international famous brand

over 60% market share

60% market share for the Chinese cable tie injection molding machines.

one stop for all

One stop purchase for all other auxiliary plastic machines

We are providing the complete series of injection molding machines, from 90 ton to 1000 ton, which are powered by variable displacement pumps and sever motors.

Adpoting the newest technology and keeping optimizing the design, we launch and improve the new models every year.

ERP system integrates all kinds of resource, especially the supply chain, ensuring more than 800 components of each model move smoothly in the factory and assemble line in the max performance situation.

With years of development and accumulation, we have satisfied many clients outside China with our machines and service, especially the OEM service we offer for the Korean international famous brand from 2012 till today.

About us

Tekwell Machinery Company we have our casting workshop, CNC central.

We make machines beginning from iron blocks.

All the Main Iron Parts Are Produced By Ourselves


Cable tie injection molding machine in South Asia


Injection Molding Machine Assemble in South Asia


Cabie Tie Injection Molding Machine


Cabie Tie Injection Molding Machine in Factory

cable tie manufacturing section


Cable Tie Injection Molding Machine

Cable tie Injection Molding Machine Compared with other plastic products, cable ties are not widely used, which determines the relatively less demand for cable tie

Injection Molding

Cable Tie Manufacture

Cable Tie Manufacture In this page, we summary all the information about the cable tie manufacturing, please check them. Contact Us Cable tie is actually

mold for cable tie - Tekwell Machinery

Cable Tie Mold

Cable Tie Mold Cable tie is produced by injection molding, for which the mold is one of the main significant factors. Let us see the

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