Disposable Plastic Syringe Manufacturing

Plastic syringe

Syringes are widely used in the medical field.

Most parts of disposable plastic syringe are manufactured by injection molding, such as its barrel, plunger, hub and cap.

Structure of Plastic Syringe-1
Structure of Plastic Syringe-2

1. Injection molding

1.1 Raw material for disposable plastic syringe

The raw material of disposable syringes is usually polyethylene (PP), which is medical grade and has certifications.

The raw material mainly determine the quality. Each area or country will determind their own rule of the quality according to its development and grade of the hospital

1.2 disposable plastic syringe injection molding line

1.2.1 Plastic Syringe Injection Molding Machines

PP is one plastic resin easy for injection molding.

So the injection molding machine may meet the injection molding request, but the sanitation and cleanliness in the production process require special attention.

To meet customers’ requirement on the production capacity, the following machines may be applied in syringe manufacturing, which are servo-driven, power-saving, stable and efficient with cycle time of 20s.

New 210S injection molding machine
New 270S injection molding machine
New 350S injection molding machine

1.2.2 Plastic Syringe Moulds

Full set plastic syringe moulds include barrel mould, plunger mould, gasket mould, hub mould, cap mould.

There are several mould steels and the customers can choose according to their budget and quality standard. We offer both hot runner moulds and cold runner moulds.

Disposable syringe moulds-1
Disposable syringe moulds-2
Disposable syringe moulds-3

1.2.3. Finished Products Display

Finished Product - disposable syringe moulds(1)
Finished Product - disposable syringe moulds(2)
Finished Product - disposable syringe moulds(3)
Finished Product - disposable syringe moulds(4)
Finished Product - disposable syringe moulds(5)

1.2.4. Auxiliary Machines for the Syringe Manufacturing

2. Printing Machines for Disposable Syringes

For printing tick marks of syringes, printing machines or high-speed printing machines are available for the different needs of production capacity. The disposable syringe printing machines we offer are:

High Speed Syringe Printing Machines Tick Mark GY-009
  • With automatic fuel injector, injecting silicone oil automatically.                        
  • High production efficiency, 2.5 times higher than screen-printing.
  • Low printing consumables, reducing silicone oil loss.
  • Low noise.
  • High percent of pass, reaching 99%.

High Speed Syringe Printing Machines Tick Mark GY-009

High Speed Syringe Printing Machines GY-009 - Technical Parameters

3. Assembling Machines for Disposable Syringes

After all the parts are ready, we need to assemble them up to one syringe.

Our machine can assemble all the syringe parts, with high assembling speed, low noise, easy operation, and high percent of pass.  

High speed Syringe Assembly Machine HC-020GSLP

High-speed Syringe Assembly Machine HC-020GSLP
  • Suitable for all kinds of syringes
  • Enable to load and assemble all the parts of syringe automatically.
  • Stop automatically when the materials are used up, starts automatically when supplementing the materials.
  • Upgraded assembling speed.
  • No pollution for the products and production area.
  • With safety cover. Machine stops once the safety cover opened.
  • Low noise.
  • Easy operation.
  • High percent of pass.

4. Blister Packing Machine for Disposable Syringes

Production Capacity:  

  • Needle: 20pcs/time
  • 1ml syringe: 11pcs/time
  • 2.5ml syringe:10pcs/time
  • 5ml: 9pcs/time 
  • 10ml: 8pcs/time

Packaging Materials: 

  • Paper-plastic, soft-plastic, composite film that can be heat sealed.
  • Upper film with width of 420mm, lower film with width of 425mm.

Maximum molding cavity size: 375×154×50mm(L×W×H)

Blister Packing Machine

5. ETO Sterilization Equipment

The composition of the sterilizer: sterilizer box, auxiliary equipment (vacuum system, heating water tank and thermal circulation system, humidification system, EO adding system, gas replacement system, pneumatic system and exhaust gas processor), control system (electrical control system) cabinets, computer systems.

ETO Sterilization Equipment Drawing
ETO Sterilization Equipment

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