Customized Machine

With the changes in market demand, plastic products are constantly being transformed and innovated to adapt to different production needs and characteristics.

Therefore, in order to meet some production requirements, the service of offering customized injection molding machine is necessary. And with that the plastic product manufacturer will obtain a outgoing position in the competition market.

With so many years in the plastic industry, our technology engineers contribute on not only the development of the injection molding machine, but also the specific requirements of the injection molding machine during the production.

The followings are some special cases of customized injection molding machines :

Electrical plasticizing of injection unit

1. Electrical plasticizing of the injection unit

Some large plastic products take a long time to cool down after the machine is held in pressure without any movement.

With the electrical plasticizing, the machine may plasticize while waiting for the products to cool down, which saves a lot of time and reduces cycle time.

Electrical Plasticizing Injection Molding Machine

(1) The electrical plasticizing motor is running at 2:04 in the above video.

(2) There are two ways for the motor to connect with the screw device. One is by belt, the other is mechanical. The one we use is by belt.

(3) Advantages of electrical plasticizing :

The plascticizing of the screw is driven by motor.

Nowaday, we have two options which we think it may be widely applied.
One is by hydraulic motor. The other one is by servo motor.
The servo motor has a better power transition with less energy loss.

The cost of high capacity hydraulic motors is very high, while the cost of servo motors is falling.

Electrical Plasticizing Injection Molding Machine-3
Electrical Plasticizing Injection Molding Machine-2
Electrical Plasticizing Injection Molding Machine-1

Vertical height adjustable injection unit

2. Vertical height adjustable injection unit

According to the product requirement, two vertical gates are necessary in the mold. Therefore, we designed and developed the vertical height adjustable injection unit.

Height Adjustable Injection Unit-1
Height Adjustable Injection Unit-2

Single cylinder injection unit

3. Single cylinder injection unit

The single cylinder injection unit may realize high injection pressure and high injection speed, special for the cable tie injection machine.

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