Cable tie Injection Molding Machine

Compared with other plastic products, cable ties are not widely used, which determines the relatively less demand for cable tie injection molding machines.
When the injection industry was on the rise, many famous brands turned their attention to the general-purpose machines. After all, big fish need big ponds to accommodate. Therefore, machinery with a smaller market, such as cable tie injection molding machines, are generally produced by medium-sized manufacturers, and we are one of them.

And the cable tie, which is long & slim and is made of PA66, is a special plastic product. If a machine has been optimized for certain product, like the cable tie injection molding machine for cable ties, it will easily obtain a better benefit and the absolute leadership.

Development of our cable tie injection molding machine

We developed the cable tie injection molding machine, beginning from 200T machine with 160T injection unit, finally to the 288T in 2012. With half year in practice, we have optimized all the problems found in the production.

One year later, the bigger machine K358F was introduced into the market.

Later, the 428T, 550T, 650T, 850T and 1000T were introduced to the market one after another in 5 to 6 years. The smaller the tonnage, the sooner the machine will be finalized. We are still optimizing and improving the large machine. After all, the number of factories that require large-scale machines is relatively small. And if there is no corresponding mold development cooperation, large-scale machines cannot play their benefits.

As for the finalization of the machine, we have completed the 850T machine. While for the 1000T machine which is as a reserve model, we have completed the design and review of technical drawings.

All of these are implemented step by step, with problems solved as soon as they were found. Thanks for our teams.

What Problems Have Been Solved For Our Machines?

1. Huge impact for the clamping unit

To avoid the huge injection pressure and prevent the mold from being blown open, the clamping unit should provide the same clamping force. And this great clamping force will tighten the long and narrow mold. Therefore, each clamping is a huge damage to the clamping unit. Besides, the unbalanced force is transmitted to the entire clamping system and produces bursts at weak points, especially the tie bar and the end-platen.

We have optimized the clamping unit and its duration is approved by time already.

The casting piece of the clamping unit is ductile iron of QT500-7A. Our casting workshop keeps improving the formula and postprocessing to achieve the perfect casting properties in terms of strength and toughness.

2. Injection unit optimization for PA66

PA66 melts at high temperature. A high-pressure injection press is necessary to pass through the mold cavity. We have optimized the injection unit, barrel and screw to match the properties of PA66.

3. Overheat issue of the PA66

PA66 will degrade under the over-heating situation. But the machine operator used to set the temperature very high, like 350℃. But once the temperature is set lower, the cavities can’t be filled or the flash will be increased especially in some area.

This is a complicated issue, which is caused by lots of factors. If you are facing this case, please contact us for the discussion.

4. The follow-up development of the cable tie industry provides a long-term guarantee.

With the development and expansion of business, factories that use our machines will obtain a outstanding position in the competition. They have the demand of a high production volume, so the larger machines will be their first choice.

From 288 to 1000T cable tie injection molding machine, we have covered all the demand in the market.

Generally, the large-scale machines produce large plastic parts. But if a large machine, such as a 650 or 820ton machine, is used to produce small plastic products ike cable ties, it will be a huge challenge to the quality of the machine, mold and team. However, once above has been mastered, then the market position cannot be shaken.

As a injection molding machine manufacturer, we have always been at the top of machine production. Meanwhile,  we keep improving and developing, and have left behind a large number of machine manufacturers.

4.2 Make the fully automatic production of cable ties possible 

After achieving the completely stable production of the injection molding part, the fully automatic production line has become the development direction of the industry.

Without the stable production of the front end, the unmanned and fully automatic back end cannot be realized.

- 60% market share

Up to 60% share in China mainland market. 

- Since 2010

We began our cable tie injection molding machine from 2010. The machine quality has been approved by time in practice.

- Full range machine

Machine from 288 to 1100 ton. You may find the right one for you at any stage of your business development. Why not choose us from the beginning.

288 and 358 ton cable tie injection molding machine with robot in working

- Plant turn-key ability

We help the client to set up his cable tie production plant by providing the full production equipment and trainning.

Machine Features


Optimized Clamping Unit

Especially designed for the cable tie mold. The strict casting process ensures the high rigidity clamping platen, which meets the requirement of the high impact of each clamping.

358 cable tie injection molding machine clamping unit


Optimized injection unit

High fluidity of PA66 requests a special screw and nozzel. Considering the application and cost, we have improved it to achieve a balance.


10 Sec Cycle time

Light shot weight is required for the cable tie injection molding. High temperature is needed for the melting plastice resin. Our machines can achieve cycle times of 10-12 seconds or even less.


Since 2010

Cable tie machine production started in 2010. And we keep improving according to the request of daily production. Realize the complete machine series from 288T to 1000T.

358 ton cable tie injection molding machine in working

K288F Cable Tie Injection Molding Machine

Our first cable tie injection molding machine was created in 2010, optimized from 200 ton machine, by strengthen clamping unit, especially column.

If you go around some cable tie manufacturing factories, you may still find this kind of model, some of which may even be produced one decade ago.

It is the best machine for the clients who just begin the cable tie production.

288 ton cable tie injection molding machine in working

  • 0:33: Cycle time of 10.2 seconds
  • 0:56: Machine information

K358F Cable Tie Injection Molding Machine

With more output demand, we develop a  model of higher level. The 358 ton injection molding machine has already been in the market since 2012. And with its stable quality, perfect performance and less after-sale problem, it wins great reputation from our clients and become the guarantee of production.

And it is the most popular model in the oversea market.

358 Ton cable tie injection molding machine produces the 1000 mm cable ties without any difficulty.

With 4 cavities per mold. Cold runner mold.

K470L-X Cable Tie Injection Molding Machine

Machine details of 470 ton cable tie injection molding machine.

With the single cylinder injection unit, it can realize higher injection speed and injection pressure, increase the duration of the machine.

It can be used with cold runner or hot runner cable tie mold. 

K630L-X Cable Tie Injection Molding Machine

630 Ton Cable Tie Injection-molding Machine - K630L-X

Used for mass product request or production of some special long cable ties, such as 920mm length cable tie.

Suitable for hot runner mold.

More request for the management and machine operator.

Our Cable Tie Production Workshop

  • 0:00 – 2:43:  cable tie injection machine ( 470 ton ) in working.
  • 2:44 – 3:52: quick view of our cable tie plant.

To keep our machine always in practice and get more information about the cable tie production industry, we have invested one cable tie workshop and installed the most potential machines.

The machine quality and output always should be approved by time in prastice.

See Our Turnkey Project In Oversea Market

In the injection molding industry, machines, molds and plastic raw materials are closely related. Just for one shot of wood, the whole effiency will be effected.

For the cable tie production, the duration of the machine and mold, reasonable formulation of raw materials is the key point.

We have both ability and experience in the turnkey projects. And we can also help keep your competition position in the cable tie market.

1100T machine turn-key project-2

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