Cable Tie Mold

Cable tie is produced by injection molding, for which the mold is one of the main significant factors.

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Cable tie mold in brief

Let us check the mold. The cable tie cavities’ layout likes one piece of long leave, which every piece attached to the central branch “tree and branches”.

Cable Tie - Shape

The molten plastic ( PA66 / PA6 ) will run from the nozzle, sprue, main runner, sub-runner of the injection molding machine. And then it acrosses the cavity gate, cavities till the end of the cable tie tail. Most of this path is narrow and flat with lots of cavities.

PA66/PA6 is melted in the high temperature, around 260℃. In such path, the temperature will keep reducing and make the melt solidify. And that further builds the resistance against the forwarding of molten plastic.

Therefore, the mold temperature is always the main element that the mold maker and operator should consider. On the other hand, because the heat will accumulate with time, a cooling water runner is necessary as well.

Each cavity requests a ejector. But the dense ejector will affect the water runner’s layout.

Cost issue of the cable tie mold

As we discuss above, cable tie is of various types ( different sizes, designs ), so does the mold. It’s very necessary to keep the mold cost in a reasonable level. Otherwise, it will increase the cost of cable ties.

The main solution for that is to apply the standard parts as more as possible, especially for the inserts and the ejectors. Because the mass production of inserts and ejectors can be remained at a low cost.

The main production place of these standard parts is LEQING, Zhejiang, the central cable tie production central.

Cold runner or Hot runner for the cable tie mold

The hot runner mold for cable tie what we call is just the semi-hot runner, since there are too much cavities in one mold, it is impossible to realize the real hot runner for each cavities. Normally 2 hot points located in the main runner.

Actually, in the hot runner mold the plastic melt is advancing from the injection molding machine nozzle to location of the runner of these hot points. That will benefit the molding a lot, especially in the case of uneven raw materials and machines with wear and tear of different extent.

We supply high quality self-lock nylon cable tie mould, including cold runner cable tie mould and hot runner cable tie mould, with the range of cable tie length from 80mm to 1200mm.

All moulds are customized as each customer’s cable tie samples or drawings. We offer solutions that help customers start manufacturing nylon cable ties and optimize cable ties molding. 

Specification of our cable tie mold

  • Place of Origin: China
  • Molding Mode: Plastic Injection molding
  • Mould Frame Material: 45# steel/ Steel specified by customers
  • Mould Core/ Mould Cavities Material: Cr12Mov/ SKD 61/ H13/ Steel specified by customers
  • Steel Treatment: Vacuum heat treatment
  • Surface finish: Mirror polishing
  • Mold Life: 1 million shots
  • Mould Runner: cold runner, hot runner
  • Production Time: 5 to 6 weeks
  • Mould Dimensions: Customized
  • MOQ: 1 set
  • Packaging & Delivery: Wooden crate box for exporting
  • Port: Guangzhou/ Shenzhen, China

Mold temperature during manufacturing

The mold temperature for cable tie injection molding is the key point.

PA66/PA6 melt at a relatively high temperature with a great fluidty. At the same time, the high mold temperature will help the melt plastic run in a narrow space.

But if the temperature is too high, the plastic will degrade.

Besides, the fluidity and temperature are highly correlated. So the cable ties near the sprue part may easily produce flash, which is a common phenomenon. What’s worst, flashes have appeared while the farthest cavities have not yet been filled full.

Moreover, there’s another issue, that is, the design of each gate and the air exhaust exit, to which we should pay much attention.

The mold test can reflect many problems. Hence, the mold must be tested and sample carefully studied by experienced professionals.

What can we do for customers?

Provide turnkey project service for nylon cable tie production, including cable tie injection molding machines, cable tie moulds, auxiliary machines, robot arm & conveyor belt, cable tie packing machines….

Help experienced makers optimize cable tie molding process and production parameter setting.

Offer In-site installation & debug service, online technical training& support.

For more information, please check this post:

Cable tie manufacturing turn-key project service

What is ordering process?

Step 1: Please let us know the cable tie sizes you’d like to manufacture. Or send your cable tie samples to us by courier. An detailed price sheet is going to be offered soonest.

Step 2: Mould drawings will be given after order confirmation. 

Step 3: Start production after mould drawings confirmed

Step 4: update mould production scheduling

Step 5: do trail running for new cable tie moulds and send new samples to customers.

Step 6: customers confirm samples. 

Step 7: packing and shipping

What is warranty period?

As provider for turnkey solutions, we offer one-year warranty period for all our machines and moulds. Within the period of warranty, free technical support and free spare parts will be provided with the quickest response. 

Out of warranty period, technical support service will be offered with the quickest response.

Besides, some special value-added service will be offered to our VIP regular customers.

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