Cable tie manufacturer — Turn-key Project

With many years of experience in the cable tie production field, we deeply understand the success of the injection molding is related to the machine as well as the mold and raw material.

There are many problems clients have to face when importing the equipment from China, especially the facilities with a long duration. And those problems include not only the instruction and the after-sale service for the equipment, but also the newest information of this industry, even the safety of the payment. Besides, the problems possibly will run through the entire life of the device, which is usually between 8 and 10 years. If keeping updating the machinery, it will even be a lifetime thing. If done right, this is a money-printing machine that goes on and on.

In our opinion, simply providing injection molding machines for the clients often cannot help them solve problems completely. We have seen a lot of our clients encountered the unexpected situations like the reduced production efficiency and even the interrupted production.

Therefore, we have launched a turn-key project service, so that we may work with the clients to guarantee his success in the cable tie manufacture.

The cable tie turn-key project mainly includes two parts:

Cable tie turn-key project

1. The equipment that we offer

1.1 Cable tie injection molding machine

Based on the exact needs of our clients, we will recommend the right machine for them.

1.2 cable tie mold

According to the clients’ machine model, we will design the corresponding mold for their machines.

1.3 other auxiliary equipment for the cable tie production

1.3.1 Hopper dryer

PA66 / 6 have strong water absorption, which need to be dried.

1.3.2 Autoloader

Make it easier for workers to cope with production work.

1.3.3 Mold temperature controller

In production, cable tie mold needs high temperature, so the mold temperature controller is necessary.

1.3.4 Mixer

Mix the material according to the formular.

1.3.5 Crusher

Crush the runner, etc.

1.3.6 Unload Robot

Unload the cable tie to ensure the stable production. The application of the unload robot must base on the stable production.

2. Training for Factory Operators

We will send out our engineer and professionals to clients’ factories and provide training for their workers. After the training and communication, our clients’ operators and their teams may know better how we work in China. What’s more, they will know more about the machines, and the raw materials.

3. Information and instruction about the production

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