Injection Molding Machine Manufacturer

We make machines beginning from iron blocks.

Injection molding machine CNC workshop

– We  manufacture machine beginning from the casting

– Production capacity of 2000 units per year 

– Quality approved by International famous brand

– Experience team for oversea market

– Customized machine for clients’ request

– 60% China nylon cable ties injection molding machines

Tekwell Machinery Co. Ltd, located in Heshan City, Guangdong Province, China, Pearl River Delta, China’s manufacturing center.

Our own workshops of casting, CNC, machine bed/housing , and assembly assure not only more than 2000 units injection molding machine output capacity per year but also the high quality.

Since the cooperation with the Korean famous brand in 2010, we have optimized our system of  Quality Control and Purchase ERP. That enables our materials and production to run at high speed with the strict quality assurance, so as to reduce inventory backlog, improve production efficiency and reduce production cost.

Under the complete and strict management system, the entire injection molding machine workshops systematically operates in line with world-class quality requirements.

On this basis, we deepen the details and provide customized machines for special production purpose or special requirements of customers, so that the machines are suitable for producing specific products. Under this guiding ideology, we have successfully developed nylon cable ties injection molding machines series, which account for more than 60% of China’s domestic market share.

Our professional and experienced overseas team, visit the customers frequently, share their experience with machine operators, solve the problem.

Why Choose Us


Complete Machine Series

From 90 ton to 1000 ton


OEM Manufacture Base

For Korean International famous brand


60% China Market Share

Cable tie injection molding machine

Injection molding machine factory tour

With decades of machine experience, we are always be your side to help you achieve your goals.

Our Service

Customized machine with efficient worker training service. One stop purchase service for the injection molding machine, auxiliary machines and components.

Professional Team

Always be our clients’ side to help them solve the technological problems and improve the productivity of their injection molding machines.

Our Workshops


Machine Assembly Workshop


Casting Workshop


CNC Workshop


Machine Bed

Injection molding machine bed


Housing Workshop


Cable tie production workshop

For the injection molding machine
all the main iron parts are produced by ourselves

Machine Assembly Workshop

Professional workers and technology team with 2000 units per year machine assemble capacity

injection molding machine in testing

Machine assembly area – 120 Ton injection molding machine

72 hours machine tests with load before delivery

Casting workshop

Casting components are one of the most important parts for the injection molding machine.

Stable supply of raw materials, mature Carburizing technology, and static treatment after release ensure the stable quality of each casting.

Casting workshop – sand mold preparing



CNC Workshop

CNC workshop area

Casting components is one of the most important parts for the injection molding machine, which determines the duration and accuracy of the machine. 

Our CNC workshop not only processes the casting parts of our own but also the parts from other factories and has gained a good reputation in the industry.

CNC workshop area – for clamping unit’s toggle

CNC workshop area – for small machine’s clamping platen

Drilling ejector hole of 650 ton injection molding machine

CNC central workshop

CNC workshop area – for big machine’s platen

Housing Workshop

Both housing and machine bed are the crucial parts for the injection molding machine.

Our own housing workshop may assure the machine looking and machine base.

Injection molding machine bed

After painted with anti-rust paint, the machine bed wait for next paint.

Injection molding machine housing painting

Machine housing painting line

Laser Cutting Machine
Laser Cutting Machine

Cable Tie Production Workshop

We establish the cable tie production plant, which allow us put ourselves in the client’s shoes, deeply understand the client’s request in the production and collect the newest information in the cable tie industry, so that we may keep our cable tie injection molding machine and our turn-key project service in a outstanding position.



We are commited to helping our clients obtain an outstanding competition position in the market.

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