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In this page, we summary all the information about the cable tie manufacturing, please check them.

Cable tie is actually one kind of plastic product. At first, it is only used in the industry field. But as an increasing number of people know it’s convenience, it is gradually applied to the daily work and life.

As an injection molding machine manufacturer who also has many years of experience in cable tie manufacturing, I would like to share some of my opinions on this field:

Cable ties can be made to different sizes, from 100mm to 950mm various widths. Moreover some clients may have special requests on the size of cable ties. For example, the standard one is 200mm, but the actual produced one is 195mm at length just for cost reduction.

Such “cost reduction” is not only in length but also in width. Without doubt, this phenomenon causes the chaos to the size of mold cavities and further the difficulties to the mold cavity production.

On the other hand, the cost is always the main issue and the first consideration factor for cable tie factories. The demand for cable ties is limited compared with other plastic products. So the mass production will meet the top of the demand easlily, which will cause fragmentation of the industry.

As the cable tie supplier, keeps the raw materials — plastic resin ( just one item inventory ) in warehouse is always one economic way, rather than keeping many different size cable tie.

Cable ties are produced by injection molding, which is realized by the mold injection molding machine and plastic materials.

1. Injection molding elements - Cable tie mold

As we mentioned above, it is varied according to the demand of the market. 

And each different size cable tie need one different molds

And the mold cost will be apportioned to each product.

Cost sharing per product, more cavities molds with less cost. For example, one mold of 100mm cable tie:  for 350T cable tie injection molding machine, normally the cavities may reach 160 cavities, and for 288T, mold cavities is around 120. But the number of mold cavities will take into account the machine condition, especially the age of the machine.

More mold will increase the whole cost of the company. Under the fierce competition on cost, the cost of each mold should be reduced as less as possible.

More details about the mold will be discussed in other article: Cable Tie Mold

2. Injection molding elements - Cable tie injection molding machine

The slim shape of cable ties and its mold cavities require the high injection pressure of injection molding machine.

The layout of the cavities on the mold requests a long and slim mold shape as well.

These two factors create a great impact on the clamping units during each clamping.

Therefore, the injection molding machine should be modified not only for the injection unit but also for the clamping unit.

But the cable tie industry is not a huge section according to other plastic product, so the demand of the machine, new and renew demand each year, is limited. 

If the sale volume can’t reach a certain quantity, this series machine will be loss for the injection molding machine manufacturer, unless they rise the machine price. 

3. Injection molding elements - Raw material: PA66 and PA6

PA66 is the main raw material at the beginning. However, with its cost rising, more and more manufacturers use modified PA6 instead.

This change will increase the change of the machine and mold as well.

For the cable tie, the tensile strength is the main standard, so we need to check it carefully.

About PA66 and PA6, more detail, please check this article:

What are the differences between PA66 and PA6?

4. Turn-key Project Service for cable tie plants.

The cable tie manufacture is always affected by mold, machine and raw material. These three cornerstone play the same important roles for the cable tie plant.

We meet many case that just provide the injection molding machine, but the client still fail in the production due to the wrong mold design or low effective use of the facility which lead to meaningless waste and non-profit, that will make us very frustrated.

If the client’s fail to get benefit, our machine sell is just one shot business. So for obtain the better result, we are providing the turn-key project.

For our turn-key project service, please check this post:

Cable Tie Manufacturing Turn-Key Project

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