Precautions for Injection Molding Design

About the Injection Molding Design

1. The Preparation of Design

At the stage of preparing for the design, the plastic injection molding process should first determine what kind of injection molded parts will be made.

At the beginning of accepting the design task, if the customer has a simple design drawing, it must first be adapted according to the customer’s simple drawing. And then make a formal part drawing, and communicate with the customer repeatedly to determine the drawing.

At the same time, indicate the description and technical requirements, production output, sample shape and size, surface roughness, volume and quality, etc. Look through the case, collect relevant information, sort out the injection design data, molding process, molding equipment, mechanical processing and special processing data for use.

2. Molding Method

Determine the molding method, use injection molding and clarify the production quantity.

3. Relevant calculations in the design process of plastic injection molding

  • calculation of working dimensions of concave and convex mold parts
  • determination of cavity wall thickness and bottom plate thickness
  • determination of mold heating and cooling systems.

4. There are issues to be considered:

  • the service life of plastic injection molding product
  • what is the customer’s requests
  • how to meet the customer’s requirements, including the number of injections, the drawing of the mold structure assembly drawing and the part work drawing, etc.

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