How to Maintain the Injection Mold?

The necessity of the injection molding mold maintenance

Injection molding mold is a tool used to produce plastic products by a delicate configuration. Therefore, injection molding mold plays a very important role in production.

Effective maintenance for the mold can make its service life longer, which will reduces the production cost of factories.

So it is very necessary to maintain the injection mold for the long lasting production. The followings are some instructions on the injection mold maintenance.

Injection mold maintenance methods

First of all, pay attention to the surface maintenance (or we say appearance maintenance) of the injection molding mold. The appearance of the mold cannot be damaged, that is, it cannot be corroded. At this time, it is particularly important to choose a suitable, high-quality and professional anti-rust oil for the mold.

After the mold completes the production task, different methods should be adopted to carefully remove the residual materials according to different injection molding methods. And there are several points we need to remember.

  • We can use copper rods, copper wires and professional mold cleaning agents to remove residual injection molding material and other deposits in the mold. Then, dry the mold.
  • But, do not use iron wires, steel bars and other harderhardware to clean which will make scratches on the cavity’s.
  • If there are rust spots caused by corrosive injection molding, use a grinder to grind and polish. Besides, we need to spray the professional anti-rust oil. And then store the mold in a dry, cool, and dust-free place.
injection mold maintenance

Secondly, we need to clean the injection molding molds regularly. It is also to ensure the hygiene of the molds.

For production, the products produced by clean and hygienic molds will obtain a better result, and this will not contaminate the molds.

Thirdly, it is necessary to test the mold parts to see if the mold is faulty. Check the ejector and guide parts to ensure the opening and closing movement and the ejected plastic products.

If any part of them is damaged due to stuck, it will lead to production stoppage.

Therefore, we should always keep the mold ejector and guide post lubricated ( select the most suitable lubricant). What’s more, we should also regularly check whether the ejector and guide post are deformed or surface damaged. Once found, we should replace them in time. So that it can avoid the mold failure and affecting production.

Finally, the company or factory should arrange for special personnel to conduct periodic statistics on the use, care, and damage of injection molding molds. It is to find out the problems in a timely manner and minimize the impact on production.

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