How to Improve the Productivity in Injection Molding Factories?

Important points for improving the productivity in injection molding factories

To stay ahead of competitors in plastic injection molding, factories must increase productivity.

Typical goals for injection molding are to optimize batch, reduce scrap, shorten set-up time, and reduce the number of preventive maintenance on injection molding machines.

If the batch is set appropriately and the injection molding activity is excellent, the operation team can know the exact work content. But even if the personnel involved in the molding operation are fully trained, the loading and unloading of the mold is still very time-consuming.

If the plastic injection molding process is not automated, it will become the part that costs most time and money of the entire cycle. In addition, it will become the part with the highest accident rate in the injection molding process.

This is not to say that buying another expensive injection molding machine can shorten the setup time. Speeding up mold changes usually benefit quickly.

The benefits of quick mold change system

The quick mold change system of the injection molding machine can bring you considerable benefits:

  • Shorten the mold change time and reduce the idle time of the equipment due to downtime
  • The safety of the plastic injection molding process will also be improved
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Reduce production costs
  • Reduce inventory costs
  • Improve the working environment
  • Gain a competitive advantage

The rapid mold change system allows the mold change time to be greatly reduced from a few hours to a few minutes.

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