Servo Motor Self-learning

servo motor self-learning

Servo Motor Self-learning 1. Reset Factory Settings  FP-01=1 2. Input the parameters of the motor accurately (F1-01 ~ F1-05) For example:  ①F1-01=31.4    ②F1-02=380   ③F1-03=55.5   ④F1-04=133.33   ⑤F1-05=2000 3. Self-learning F1-16=1, ENTER, show “TUNE” , Then press “RUN” to self-learning 4. Mode selection A3-00=2 Following 2 videos show us the setting of servo motor. Contact Us

Disposable Plastic Syringe Manufacturing

Plastic syringe

Disposable Plastic Syringe Manufacturing Syringes are widely used in the medical field. Most parts of disposable plastic syringe are manufactured by injection molding, such as its barrel, plunger, hub and cap. 1. Injection molding 1.1 Raw material for disposable plastic syringe The raw material of disposable syringes is usually polyethylene (PP), which is medical grade … Read more

Cable Tie Packing Machine

Structure of Cable Tie Packing Machine

Cable tie Packing Machine After being injected from the injection molding machine, the cable tie cannot be used directly. This is different from other plastic products. It needs to absorb water to come back to restore the molecular structure. Why cable tie need to absorb water? PA66/PA6 is the raw material for cable tie, which … Read more

Maintenance Guidelines of the Servomotor Driver

System application wiring diagram

Maintenance Guidelines of the Servomotor Driver The servo motor we are using is Inovance, which is amply applied in the injection molding machine. The following is the maintenance guideline, which will help you to focus the problem and fix it at the first time. Please share it with your electrical engineer. Function Code/Setting Parameter Description/Control … Read more

How to Adjust the Platen Parallelism

Platen parallelism

How to Adjust the Platen Parallelism? The platen parallelism refers to the parallelism between the stationary platen and the moving platen. This area is the main working area of the injection molding machine in which located the mold. If the parallelism is not correct, the clamping unit will be transformed under the huge working clamping … Read more

Cable Tie Mold

mold for cable tie - Tekwell Machinery

Cable Tie Mold Cable tie is produced by injection molding, for which the mold is one of the main significant factors. Cable tie mold in brief Let us check the mold. The cable tie cavities’ layout likes one piece of long leave, which every piece attached to the central branch “tree and branches”. The molten … Read more

How to Maintain the Injection Mold?

injection mold maintenance

How to Maintain the Injection Mold? The necessity of the injection molding mold maintenance Injection molding mold is a tool used to produce plastic products by a delicate configuration. Therefore, injection molding mold plays a very important role in production. Effective maintenance for the mold can make its service life longer, which will reduces the production cost of … Read more

How to Adjust the Hydraulic Injection Molding Machine Pressure?

injection molding machine adjustment

How to Adjust the Hydraulic Injection Molding Machine Pressure? Hydraulic injection molding machine pressure adjustment When we are using the hydraulic injection molding machine, all movements in the injection molding process generate pressure. Only the appropriate control of the required pressure can produce a finished product of good quality. The following actions of the machine are … Read more

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