What Are the Differences Between PA66 and PA6?

Differences Between PA66 and PA6

Nylon cable ties are made of nylon 66 and nylon 6. Of course, there are other materials. Nylon is also called PA, so what are the differences of PA66 and PA6?

1. Structure

PA6 is polycaprolactam, while PA66 is polyhexamethylene adipate. PA66 is 12% harder than PA6. In theory, the higher the hardness of PA, the greater the brittleness of the fiber and the easier to break. But this small difference for some product is indistinguishable, for example the carpets.

2. Cleanability and antifouling properties

What affects these two properties is the cross-sectional shape of the fiber and the antifouling treatment in the subsequent process. The strength and hardness of the fiber itself have little effect on cleaning and antifouling properties.

3. Color fastness

Color fastness is not a characteristic of PA. It is the dye in PA, not PA itself, which fades under sun light.

4. Wear resistance and dust resistance

Clemson University in the United States used BASF Zeftron500 PA6 carpets and DuPont Antron XL PA66 carpets for two and a half years at Tampa International Airport. The carpet is in a state of extremely high traffic, and the results show that: BASF Zeftron 500 PA is slightly better than DuPont Antron XL in terms of color retention and pile abrasion resistance. There is no difference in the dust resistance of the two yarns.

5. Melting point and elasticity

The melting point of PA6 is 220C while the melting point of PA66 is 260C. However, this is not a difference in terms of the temperature conditions of the carpet use. The lower melting point makes PA6 have better resilience, fatigue resistance and thermal stability than PA66.

6. Properties

PA6 has good toughness, economic, low melting point. Generally, there are many products made with glass fiber, mainly used in electronics, electrical appliances, and accessories.

After the quick view of the main raw materials (PA66 and PA6) for the nylon cable tie , we will have an idea of the different of the request for the machine.

Meanwhile the difference between the PA66 and PA6, will lead to the different perform of the cable tie in use.

When we select the raw material, we have many elements to consider, quality, cost, facilities challenge etc.

One machine specially design for cable tie production is no doubt to be the best one, and it will bring the outstanding competition in the market.

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