How to Adjust the Platen Parallelism?

The platen parallelism refers to the parallelism between the stationary platen and the moving platen. This area is the main working area of the injection molding machine in which located the mold. If the parallelism is not correct, the clamping unit will be transformed under the huge working clamping force, sooner or later the damage will happen, for example the broken of the column or the end platen.

Attention: The parallelism is the one between the stationary platen and the moving platen, not the injection molding machine horizontal parallelism. The latter one is between the column and the ground, which is adjusted by the leveling pad.

Please set the machine System pressure to be greater than 150 Mpa.

Measuring the parallelism with a dial indicator, do as the video.

Our tolerance of four corners for your reference:

  • K90-130: 0.12—0.24mm
  • K170-260: 0.16—0.36mm
  • K320-560: 0.24—0.48mm

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