Injection Mold Manufacturing Cost Control

We must ensure the cost of the mold, because the cost control is directly proportional to the quality and delivery time.

If the mold is made nearly perfectly at one time, the modifications can be reduced and the delivery time can be shortened, then the manufacturing cost of the company will be reduced, and the company profit will be higher. In this way, it has a unique competitive advantage in the market.

On the contrary, not only do companies have no advantage, but also may they even lose money because of this.

Therefore, the cost control of mold manufacturing is very important in the production management. And it can be started from the following aspects:

1) Effective management

Carrying out product data management, process data management, drawing document management effectively. That can ensure the comprehensiveness of the file, the consistency of the drawing version. Also, they enable effective sharing of drawings and effective query utilization. Establish a complete file management computer database. Organize and use the design drawings accumulated by the design department, previously scattered and isolated information. It is necessary to avoid problems that are not easy to be discovered and corrected in time due to the original, design changes, maintenance version confusion of the 2d and 3d design drawings, the inconsistency of 3d model and 2d drawing data, and the irregular and chaotic 2d drawing design. Because it will further cause the mold to be modified and reworked, or even become obsolete. And that increases the manufacturing cost of the mold, lengthens the mold manufacturing production cycle, and affects the delivery period.

2)Maintain the consistency and integrity of mold drawings, processing technology and physical data

Through effective, meticulous and strict testing methods, guarantee the consistency and completeness of mold drawings, processing technology and physical data.

3) The design and manufacturing cost of each set of molds must be summarized in time

Through effective control of the downloading or shared printing of parts processing technology in the workshop, effectively manage problem of tool scrapping. Through accurate mold structure design, efficient mold parts processing and accurate parts detection, it can effectively reduce the additional cost of molds due to design changes and maintenance. So as to obtain the actual cost of each mold and compare it with the planned cost in real time, thereby effectively controlling the quality of the mold.

4) Overall planning

Organize and integrate the project plan, design, processing technology, workshop production situation, equipment, human resources and other information for overall planning. So that we can effectively coordinate planning and production, and effectively ensure the quality of molds and deliver on time.

5) Develop a complete and practical mold production management system

Develop a complete mold production management system to realize the computer information management system of product data management, process data management, plan management, and schedule management of the mold production management process. They include mold production plan formulation, mold design, process formulation, and workshop tasks dispatch, real-time barcode submission of parts progress, product inspection, warehouse management, etc.. So that mold manufacturing and related auxiliary information can realize all-round real-time tracking management from planning, manufacturing process control to completion and delivery.

6) Tangible and intangible knowledge management

Establish a mold design, manufacturing failure mode and impact analysis library. Besides, avoid the same problem through special targeted job training, conferences, announcements, computer sharing, plus rewards and penalties. At the same time, it can be used as a reference for future quality assessment and design. Refine the experience from the corporate management and form a written specification. And that can prevent the abnormal operation and quality fluctuations of the company due to the departure of the supervisor of a certain department or post.

7) Establish processing technology preparation

Establish processing technology preparation and summarize the following lists:  mold parts list, purchased parts list, standard parts list, self-made parts list, self-made standard parts list, material list, heat treatment parts list, vulnerable parts list, and mold costs. Ensure that relevant resources are available in time. Besides, combine production plan management and schedule management to ensure that relevant equipment can be used effectively. Also, prevent personnel from being idle, and enable all links in processing and manufacturing to be linked together.


8) Form a high-quality execution culture

Analyze and summarize the self-inspection, special inspection, patrol inspection, and full inspection of various departments and processes between enterprises to form quality standards. Strictly standardize the inspection methods, eliminate the “almost” fluke, and ensure the accuracy of the mold processing parts. Effectively control the mold quality, and associate the quality with the individual according to the records of the upper and lower process. It can strengthen the sense of responsibility of the design and the operator.

9) Formulate mold design standards suitable for the company and customers

Formulate mold design standards, mold design work instructions, mold manufacturing standards, mold manufacturing work instructions, standard mold design and mold manufacturing that are suitable for the company and customers. Avoid creating molds that do not meet customer requirements due to personal habits and old mold making thinking.

10) Standardize a series of processes including purchasing and warehousing

Standardize procurement, warehouses, and production orders placing, material storage, tool reporting, delivery management, straighten out the material supply chain, and prevent production disconnects.

11) Establish a comprehensive assessment system

Use accurate, original and true data to correctly evaluate each employee. What’s more, regularly train and assess relevant mold design and mold manufacturing personnel. Also, discover and train the company’s backbone elite team.

12) Standardize the functions of each post

Make people perform their duties and talents.

13) Establish a follow-up management team for the mold project

Set up a bridge of communication and supervision between the customer-market-engineering-purchasing-manufacturing-quality-warehouse-personnel-injection-finance departments. Besides, communicate the business and technical issues in detail, and fully understand the customer’s mold technical requirements. Record and summarize the communication content and accurately inform each department to avoid repetition, multiple times, trial models, revisions, and rework. thereby saving costs and time. Gradually establish a knowledge base of customer business and technical information for each customer and share it within the company to improve customer service and reduce errors. Follow up and supervise the production progress of the mold project, arrange test molds, follow up the progress of related materials, check and confirm the prototype, send samples, arrange mold shipments, etc.

14) ISO classification system

Classify the grades of customers, suppliers, and external supplier. Divide the whole set of mold grade coefficients according to the difficulty of the mold. In addition, we need to divide the manufacturing grade of mold parts according to the difficulty of the process. The design and manufacturing personnel are divided into different levels. Only in this way can the “bottlenecks” of the supply chain be solved fundamentally. And fundamentally eliminate the occurrence of manufacturing mistakes, abandon the equalization of wage distribution, and eliminate the “halo effect” of performance appraisal and the narrow management culture.

15) Solve the problem of non-interoperability of information

Modern enterprise management is the standardized management of enterprises plus information management. Information technology has penetrated into the daily life of the people. Information-based manufacturing can not only solve the problem of inefficient sharing of information between departments, upper and lower processes, planning layer and control layer, and operation layer, but also help realize the high-speed sharing and flat management of enterprises.

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