How to Solve the High Temperature Foaming of Injection Molding Products?

Solutions for the high temperature foaming of injection molding products

1. Reasons for high temperature foaming

Observed from the phenomenon, the potential reasons are as follows:

(1) The distribution of melt plastic is uneven (impurities exist in the raw materials)

(2) The mold is using different material in the relevant parts, resulting in a large difference in temperature (thermal conductivity) efficiency.

And this further results in a different cooling speed of different parts of the product.

Finally, when it comes into external environment, it cannot form an approximate overall balanced force state. And that leads to the blistering phenomenon.


2. Solutions for the high temperature foaming

(1) Replace the mold material corresponding.

(2) Take it out after forming and cooling completely. (In this way, the overall structure of the product will appear brittle and easy to break. However, it will not foam at the initial stage.)

(3) Replace suitable plastic resin or add a certain amount of blended materials.

(4) Lowering the temperature can also have a certain degree of effect, and the blistering will not be so obvious.

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