How to Solve the Exhaust Problem in Injection Molding?

About the exhaust problem in injection molding

Proper air exhaust of the mold is very important for injection molding flawless parts. Without it, air will remain in the mold, and the air will be compressed and heated at the moment the cavity is filled melt plastic.

Residual air is one of the most common causes of part burns. It can also cause the obvious braided threads, thereby weakening the strength of product.

In addition, residual air will cause residues to accumulate on the vent pins, so production needs to be frequently interrupted to clean it. It may even cause corrosion of the mold steel and increase tool maintenance costs.

Solutions for the exhaust problem

Of course, most injection molding manufacturers know about this. But what should we do if the usual air exhaust does not work?

The most common way to solve this problem is to slow down the injection time of the first stage. It can provide more time for the emission of air in the mold cavity. However, this can be an expensive proposal. If the injection time of the first stage must be increased from 1 second to 1.5 seconds, what is the cost of the additional production cycle time?

There is a better way. Vacuum exhaust can alleviate these problems by immediately expelling air from the mold cavity when filling the cavity. In addition, its unique technology includes: a blowback circuit, which can clean the exhaust pin and reduce the maintenance of the injection molding machine mold.

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