How to Improve the Efficiency of the Injection Molding Workshop?

The ways to improve the efficiency of injection molding workshop

Now the injection molding industry is facing many problems, including:

  • Risingprices ofraw materials
  • Rapidly rising costs of labor
  • Difficulty of staff recruiting
  • High mobility of personnel
  • Falling product selling prices
  • Increasingly fierce industry competition

The injection molding industry has entered an era of transformation, low profit and reshuffle. To improve the work efficiency of each unit in the injection molding workshop and reduce manpower, we will put forward different suggestions and measures for injection molding machines, molds and auxiliary machines

Rising costs for injection molding

For Injection Molding Machine

1. Making production plan

Make production plan to reduce the machine turn off due to improper machine arrangement.

2. Controlling workshop temperature

Control the ambient temperature of the workshop to stabilize material temperature, injection molding process conditions and mold temperature.

3. Establishing standard

Establish standard injection molding process conditions, reasonably arrange injection molding machines and ensure the repeatability of process conditions.

4. Strengthen the management

Strengthen the management of the injection molding process. Prohibit non-technology people from adjusting the machine. So that it can prevent injection molding process fluctuations and changes in the quality of plastic parts.

5. Technical staff training

Hold a comprehensive and systematic training of injection technology knowledge for injection molding technicians regularly. Help them master knowledge of materials, machines, molds, processes and defect analysis.

6. Machine maintenance

It’s critical to carry out the use, inspection, cleaning, lubrication and maintenance of the injection molding machine.

Because it can ensure the repeatability of the injection molding machine and the stability & reliability of the injection molding process conditions.

There are some check points for you:


(1) Attentionon the machine turn on / off. To prevent the screw head break due to too fast starting.

(2) Reduce the clamping force to prevent the machine toggle and the tie barsfrom being exposed to excessively high extrusion stress for a long time and causing fatigue break.

(3) Control the clamping – start / stop speed and plasticizing action to prevent impact damage caused by excessive inertia.

(4) Hardware itemscan’tbe put in the barrel of the injection molding machine.

(5) Pay attention to machine repair and maintenance. Prevent the machine toggles and the tie bars from being worn out, and the poor clamping accuracy. Or else, theymay cause flash on the injection molded parts.

(6) The screw and barrel set needs to be cleaned before turn off the machine and then cooled down. Prevent the material from being burnt which will make the screw difficult to clean totally. Use screw cleaning agent to save the time.

(7) To reduce the failure of the oil circuit system,pleasecheck the hydraulic oil regularly, filter and replace it.

(8) The door of the electrical box should be closed at any time to prevent dust, material pallet,and oil from entering the electrical box. For thatmay shorten the service life of electronic components due to poor heat dissipation.

(9) Strengthen the inspection of the hydraulic oil temperature and the cooling fan in the electric box. That can avoid excessive oil temperature and poor heat dissipation for the electric box.

(10) Regularly clean up the cooling tower and water running way of the machine. Besides, use a cooling water purifier to ensure that the recycled water is clean.

7. Automated injection molding

Realize unmanned and automated injection molding methods to reduce unplanned machine downtime machine caused by the stuff mobility.

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