How to Better Use the Injection Molding Machine Oil Temperature Controller?

Better ways to use the injection molding machine oil temperature controller

Do you know how to better use the injection molding machine oil temperature controller? Do you know how to maintain the mold temperature controller of the injection molding machine?

If you want to improve the use effect of the oil temperature controller of the injection molding machine, you must follow the manufacturer’s operating procedures. If the company’s operators do not operate correctly, it is also prone to failures, affecting the company’s production.

Mold temperature controllers are divided into two categories:

  • Water temperature controller
  • Oil temperature controller

In the using process, many manufacturers do not have a thorough understanding of the safe operating procedures of the mold temperature controller. The following post will explain the safe operating procedures and methods of the mold temperature controller.

1. Check before start

(1) Check whether the mold temperature controller is clean and free of debris. Besides, check whether the power supply, heater, controller, pressure gauge, pump, etc. are normal.

(2) Check whether the oil level of the oil tank is above the 1/2-3/5 level (normal level), and whether the level sensor is normal.

(3) Turn on the power supply of the control cabinet to check whether the voltage is normal. Then, check whether the injection molding machine oil temperature indicator and each display instrument are normal.

2. Start

(1) Turn on the main power switch of the control cabinet and close the circuit breaker QF in the power distribution room. Then, energize the oil temperature control system of the injection molding machine and make it in an operational state.

(2) The control circuit is energized and the temperature controller starts to display the temperature.

The main control table is used to set the control temperature of the oil temperature controller.

While the alarm table is used to set the internal over-temperature alarm temperature of the oil temperature controller.

Then observe the control instrument and the over-temperature alarm.

If they are normal, adjust the required temperature according to the process parameters.

(3) Press the start button of the oil temperature controller. Then, start the oil heater and observe whether the heating is normal.

(4) After starting the heat transfer oil circulating pump, it will circulate normally for about 0.5 hours to stabilize the pressure.

3. Shutdown

(1) Normal shutdown

  • Decrease the temperature gradually and stop heating.
  • When the temperature of the heat transfer oil drops below 70°C, stop the operation of the heat transfer oil circulating pump.
  • Turn off the main power supply and make a record of shifts.

(2) Emergency shutdown

If an emergency shutdown occurs, the heating pipe should be quickly turned off so that the heat transfer oil can cool naturally to prevent overheating.

Precautions for the operation of the oil temperature controller:

  • Keep the inlet and outlet valves and pipelines unblocked, and stop heating when the pressure is abnormal.
  • Check whether the cooling water is circulating before use. So that it can prevent damage to the high-temperature oil temperature controller due to insufficient cooling water.
  • The heat transfer oil need to be replaced regularly, not just supplement. The time for oil change depends on the frequency of use and the temperature of use.
  • The pipeline needs to be cleaned regularly. The net cover in the filter is recommended to be cleaned once a month.
  • Check whether the oil pump is leaking. If necessary, the pump shaft seal can also be replaced regularly.
  • When cleaning, the temperature controller must be turned off, and the power switch must be cut off at the same time.
  • Do not use water to clean the machine, otherwise it may cause electric shock.

In Conclusion

The staff of the mold temperature controller must understand its safety issues when operating it. What’s more, they must operate within the specified range and in strict accordance with the instructions of the manual. For some points involving mold temperature setting, operation, maintenance, etc., the main power supply must be cut off. Besides, the machine can be operated only when it is stopped.

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