Common Faults of High Temperature Mold Temperature Machine

What can we do if there is a temperature failure in the high temperature mold temperature machine of the injection molding machine? Before learning to solve the temperature faults, let’s learn about relevant knowledge.

The position occupied by the high temperature mold temperature machine in the mold is very important. When placing the temperature sensor, the user must first consider the shape, structure and location of the cooling channel. In addition, the temperature sensor cannot be placed randomly. Instead, it should be placed in a place that plays a decisive role in the quality of injection molded parts. There are many ways to connect one or more high temperature mold temperature machines to the controller. The mold temperature machine can also be automatically controlled. The temperature set by the controller is consistent with the mold, and the temperature that affects the mold can be directly measured.


After understanding the relevant knowledge, let’s see how to solve the common faults of the high temperature mold temperature machine.

Solutions for the common faults of the high temperature mold temperature machine

1. After the pump is turned on, the low level indicator light is on, but the pump does not start. Why?

Possible reasons:

  • Insufficient kerosene after the fuel tank heat
  • Insufficient water pressure (2KGF/CM2)
  • Low pressure value is set higher than the normal value

Solution: Fill the fuel tank with hot kerosene, keep adding it until the alarm sound is heard. Then, increase the water supply pressure, keep adding until it stops. Finally, re-set the low-pressure pressure switch.

2. The power indicator does not respond after power on.

Possible reasons:

  • The fuse is burned out.
  • The main power supply is faulty.
  • The transformer is faulty.
  • The circuit board is damaged.
  • If all the above faults are eliminated, then other circuits are faulty.


  • Replace with a new fuse
  • Check the main power supply
  • Replace the transformer and circuit board
  • Check other circuits

3. Overload of high temperature mold temperature machine

Possible reasons:

  • The adjustment of the dispatching overload current protector does not meet the standard.
  • The air switch is burned out and lacks phase.

Solution: Check the current first. If the current is ok, increase the current control of the overload current protector. If there is a problem with the current, check the air switch to see if the air switch is missing phase. If the air switch is out of phase, replace it.

4. After the machine is powered on, the reverse indicator light is on, and the buzzer does not respond.

Possible reasons:

  • The phase sequence of the main power supply is wrong.
  • The main power supply lacks phase.
  • The internal wiring of the machine is connected incorrectly.
  • The main electronic control board is damaged.

Solution: Interchange the two wires of the main power randomly, check the operation of the main power voltage and the internal wiring. Replace the main computer control board of the high-temperature mold temperature machine.

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